More Than Man

By: Panoply Classical Collective

Panoply Classical Collective is "dedicated to examining classical texts and practices, and using our contemporary perspective to bring forth their universal stories". Macbeth: More Than Man uses the text of William Shakespeare's Macbeth and reframes this story for our current time by challenging the conventions of age, theatre and gender.  This is a remount of Panoply's acclaimed production produced in January 2019.

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Performance Date and Times:​

Sunday, June 16th @ 1:00 pm & 4:00 pm

For Panoply: Benedick, Much Ado About Nothing


Elsewhere: Proteus, Two Gentlemen of Verona; Romeo, Romeo and Juliet (Prague Shakespeare Co.); Director, As You Like It; Demetrius, Midsummer (Bard in the Park); Higgins, Pygmalion; Navarre/Nathaniel, Love’s Labour’s Lost; Trinculo, Tempest (Ryerson).

Deivan Steele 


For Panoply: Claudio, Much Ado About Nothing. 


Elsewhere: Francis Flute, A Midsummer Night’s Dream(The Festival Players of Prince Edward County). 


Etc. Thank you to this incredible cast for your trust, patience and indulgence. You’ve taught me so much.

Luke Kimball 

Remount Director

Ross/Young Macduff

For Panoply: Margaret, Much Ado About Nothing. 


Elsewhere: Katherine, Love’s Labour’s Lost (Ryerson School of Performance); Christopher, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (St. Maximilian Kolbe CHS); Agnes, The Photograph (Theatre Starts Inc.) 


Etc: Much love and gratitude to the spectacular cast and crew of this production and to family, friends, and all others who supported it. 

Isabelle Ellis 

2nd Witch/Fleance/Lady Macduff/Lord/Messenger/Young Seyward

For Panoply: Beatrice,Much Ado About Nothing (2018). 


Elsewhere: Penelope,The Penelopiad, (Ryerson School of Performance); Puck, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, (Bard in the Park); Daisy, Rhinoceros, (Douze Citrons Productions); Woman, They’ve Been Sitting in the Graveyard for Far Too Long, (BadFox Performance Collective); Brutus, Julius Caesar (Ryerson School of Performance); Mary, Unity (1918)(Ovation Performing Arts Academy). 


Etc: Thanks to my family for being such constant supporters and all-around awesome folks! Cheers to all the people who made this show possible, including our fabulous Panoply collective members, all the great help from the Ryerson School of Performance, and most of all to my amazing friends and fellow theatre-lovers who share our dedication to creating art we believe in. 

Paige Madsen 


For Panoply:Leonato, Much Ado About Nothing. 


Elsewhere:Odysseus, Penelopiad(Ryerson School of Performance); Mrs. Boeuf/Waitress, Rhinoceros(Douze Citrons Productions); 20, Stand in the Mirror and Wait for the Feedback(New Voices Festival); Sylvia, The Women(Ryerson School of Performance); Karin, The Seventh Seal(Ryerson School of Performance); Portia, Julius Caesar(Ryerson School of Performance)


Etc:Alyssa is thrilled to be a part of another Panoply production! She has thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone in the collective on one of her favourite plays of all time. The rehearsal room was always filled with joy and curiosity, and there is always more to uncover in this story. She is looking forward to sharing this experience with you all.    

Alyssa Pothier 


For Panoply: Acting début; Co-Director, Much Ado About Nothing.


Elsewhere: King Icarius/Melantho,Penelopiad (Ryerson School of Performance); Peggy, The Women(Ryerson School of Performance); Clown, Clown (Ryerson School of Performance); Caska, Julius Caesar(Ryerson School of Performance).


Etc: A big thank you to the talented and supportive cast and crew, our generous Kickstarter backers and each and every audience member. I am so grateful!

Olivia Tharme 


For Panoply: Début.


Elsewhere: Head Dresser, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Ryerson School of Performance); Stage Manager, TNB Theatre School Seasons 2016–2018 (Theatre New Brunswick); Assistant Stage Manager, Carrion Birds (NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival); Assistant Stage Manager, Evita (Blind Faith Productions). 

Patrick Lynn 

Stage Manager

Ryerson Works: Warwick, Saint Joan, Scene Study (2019); Clown, Clown (2018); Benny Goodman/Dave Brubeck, ​Red ,Hot & Cool, Hydrama Arts Centre, Greece​ (2018); Husband/Grocer, ​Love is Colder Than Death​ (2018); Avery, The Flick, Scene Study (2018); Boyet, ​Love’s Labour’s Lost​ (2017); Austin, ​True West, Scene Study (2017)


Other Works​: Just Joey, Concord Floral, Theatre 44 (2019); Conrade, ​Much Ado About Nothing, ​Panoply Classical Collective (2018); Barrel, ​Urinetown​, T.A.B Drama (2014)

Film​: Charlie, ​Rebels​ (2015); Oscar, ​Closet Monster ​(2013); Quinn Wilson, ​I Declare War (2013); Adam,​ Life With Boys​ (2012)

Aidan Gouveia

Remount Assistant Director

For Panoply: Dogberry, Much Ado About Nothing.


Elsewhere: Sylvia Fowler, The Women (Ryerson School of Performance); Clown, Clown (Ryerson School of Performance); Mark Antony, Julius Caesar (Ryerson School of Performance); 12, Stand in the Mirror (New Voices Festival); Geraldine/Jefferey Dahmer, Harold  New Voices Festival); Jaques, As You Like It (Stratford Festival King’s Company). 

Margot Greve 

1st Witch/Gentlewoman/Lennox/Messenger

For Panoply:Don John, Much Ado About Nothing. 


Elsewhere:Mrs. Morehead, The Women (Ryerson University); Brutus, Julius Caesar(Ryerson University); Uncle Fester, The Addams Family (The Grand Theatre); Macbeth,Macbeth (AB Lucas); Gay Poolside Boy, Legally Blonde (The Grand Theatre); Grumio,The Taming of the Shrew (The Grand Theatre)

Ben Kopp 

Doctor/Duncan/1st Murderer/Seyward

For Panoply: Watchman 1, Much Ado about Nothing. 


Elsewhere: Clown, Clown(Ryerson School of Performance); Policeman, Love is Colder than Death(2018); Don Adriano de Armado, Love's Labour's Lost(Ryerson School of Performance); Lee,True West(Ryerson School of Performance) DC, Bitter Girls (Sears Drama Festival); Reg, Glory Days(Sears Drama Festival). 


Upcoming:Major Siergius Saranoff, Arms and the Man(Ryerson School of Performance); Lucas, Mixtape(New Voices Festival).

Bobby Markov 

2nd Murderer/3rd Witch/Donalbaine/Porter

For Panoply: Borachio, Much Ado About Nothing. 


Elsewhere:Ensemble, The Odyssey(Ryerson School of Performance); Chorus, Portia’s Julius Caesar(Shakespeare in the Ruff); Mia, Shelter From the Rain(New Voices Festival); Mary Haines, The Women(Ryerson School of Performance); Clown, Clown(Ryerson School of Performance); The Forgotten, They’ve Been Sitting in the Graveyard For Far Too Long(BadFox Theatre Collective); Death, The Seventh Seal(Ryerson School of Performance); Evelyn, The Shape of Things(Ryerson School of Performance); Caesar, Julius Caesar(Ryerson School of Performance);Desiree, Pains of Youth (Ryerson School of Performance); Deepali, Arranged Marriage(Ryerson School of Performance).


Etc.Sienna is very excited to continue her involvement with Panoply, and as a soon to be theatre school grad, she is holding on with dear life to these amazing people, and all the things they hope to create!

Sienna Singh 

Lady Macbeth/Lord

Elsewhere: Clown,Clown (Ryerson School of Performance); Berowne, Loves Labours Lost (Ryerson School of Performance); Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables(Globe Productions); John Darling, Peter Pan (Drayton Entertainment); Friedrich Von Trapp, The Sound of Music (Mirvish Productions)


Etc: Erik would like to thank everyone that supported this project along with our wonderful cast and crew! Enjoy the show and again, thank you for your work.

Erik Weinhart 


For Panoply: Designer, Much Ado About Nothing. 


Elsewhere: Lighting Designer, The Penelopiad (RSP); Assistant Stage Manager, Portia’s Julius Caesar (Shakespeare in the Ruff), Lighting Designer, EnChoreo (RSP); Stage Manager, Configurations of a Divine B*tch (Goathowl Theatre); Assistant Stage Manager, Love’s Labour’s Lost (RSP); Writer/Director, They’ve Been Sitting in the Graveyard for Far Too Long (BadFox Performance Collective); Stage Manager/Designer/Performer, Fables for the Future (Clay&Paper Theatre). 


Upcoming: Writer/Director, The Way Home Ghost (BadFox Performance Collective), Assistant Stage Manager, This is How We Live (Frantic Assembly/RSP).

Amelia McCarthy Blaine 

Costume/Graphic Designer