Live in Concert

Ryenamics, Ryerson's Premier acapella group, is proud to present the culmination of the last 9 months of hard work. These young people devoted their time and incredible talents to the musical art of acapella performance, distilling the complexity of modern instumental music down to its purest form - the human voice.

45 Minutes

Thursday June 14th, Friday June 15th and Saturday June 16th at 7:00pm

Just $5 with purchase of another show!

Vyllana Nguyen - Soprano
Jessica Tucciarone - Soprano
Riley Martin - Soprano
Swathi Badri - Soprano
Missi Klaric - Soprano
Susanna Lee - Alto
Talar Nersesian -Alto
Lyara Malvar -Alto
Milena Oliva - Alto
Roxie Ngindu -Alto
Thomas Goldhar -Tenor
Shanu Jayasinghe -Tenor
Rangga Luksatrio -Baritone
Duncan Watt -Baritone
Jerome Mabbayad -Bass
Piotr Mrugacz -Bass
Colin Rambaran -Vocal Percussionist
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